Lyrics of Fracking Fluid by Joel Kalma

First they come and knock at your door
You think clean gas is what they're looking for
There's no free lunch at their table
The sweetness of their offer's just a fable
A grand an acre's a lotta money
But the price is a lotta trouble, honey

Watch for the vinegar that comes with the signature

The cash stopped you thinkin, and the water that you're drinking
Is gonna start hissing, 'cause here is what you're missing-
What they're pumpin' in your ground should have you jumpin', livid!
Here's what you'll find in their fracking fluid:
Potassium Chloride, Boric Oxide (can cause coma)
Tetramethyl ammonium chloride. (1121fatal if swallowed)
Sodium Hydroxide. (burns; blindness; edema; and coma)
Poly-dimethyl-diallyl--ammonium chloride. What does that hide?
Propanol: it's flammable, solvent for the pharmacols
inhalation harmful, poisonous chemical
Butoxy-ethanol: more poison by the mouthful.
Then there's Methanol, small amounts kill us all.
Turns into formaldehyde, watch out for your eye
Ten ml and you're blind, 30 ml and you'll find it
Hard to walk, then hard to talk, heart's all blocked
Can't ask them to stop,() no help from the cops 'cause
You signed a contract, your water got whacked
deep pockets got the deck stacked
You got fracked

Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
screws your nerves, blood, kidneys, lymph system and your liver.
Hydrochloric Acid will burn right through you,
and acrylic copolymer's full of solvents too:
methacrylic acid methyl methacrylate butyl acrilate and buthyl methacrylate
And then there's Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate:
Your liver and kidney functions evaporate
Disodium Octaborate (beat) Tetrahydrate
Sodium Borate? Eye damaged and irritate.
Ammonium persulfate your guts would obliterate
One test of your soil, they don't need to negotiate
You land goes only six feet down, that's how we regulate
They can just go under you, so don't deliberate.

Just lock the gate.

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