Lyrics - Gasland by Rhett Brambleby - Alt. Folk/Blues

"Alt. folk/blues tune inspired by Josh Fox's documentary 'Gasland' which has raised our awareness of CSG just in the nick of time (hopefully). Thanks to all involved with coordinating this critical campaign."

Heed the warning.
Taste of things to come.
Gasland is coming.
Coming soon to a place you love.

Behold the beautiful morning.
Stand up warriors green.
Battle lines keep forming.
Come now it's time to lead.

Cause we've no time to stall,
now the market marches free.
And now the giant's in our town
Go and test the water now.

Fracture and blast her
Drill down, poison the well
In the guise of energy saviour
All stamped with the dollars we hail

Oh precious twinkling stream
Old ocean deep and wide
Holy places near and far
Up for sale, sacred life

And with no sense to appeal to
Should we just take that deal
And will another warning fade
With all our cries and the money that's made.

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